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Back to School!

Happy Back-to-School from Team Faz! 🤓

We had a very busy summer! We saw DMB here in Massachusetts, in Saratoga, and in West Palm Beach (thanks again, Mike & Casey!!), visited friends in Connecticut, explored the outskirts of Boston in Newburyport and Salem, spent time with family and friends in Buffalo and Syracuse, enjoyed lots of time in our backyard, and celebrated our 3rd anniversary. Chris spent lots of time on the yard and landscaping, and the dogs loved relaxing outside with us all summer.

Chris has continued treatments all summer, with immunotherapy appointments every 4 weeks, and alternating visits at Dana-Farber/Brigham and Women's Hospital for follow-ups regularly with his ENT, ophthalmologist, radiation oncologist, and dermatologist. All of his doctors are continuing to see improvements, and we've gotten into a good routine with everything.

School started last week and the kids are happy to have Mr. Fazio back in the classroom, as are his team members at PHA. We're happy to have some cooler weather, football back in season, and fall TV starting up!

We'll continue to send updates – or a lack of updates – here throughout the year. Thanks to everyone for your continued PMA!

<3 Team Faz


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