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Feeling great... after a quick weekend at the hospital...

This weekend was a surprise to everyone!

We came in to Dana-Farber Friday morning for Chris’ third immunotherapy treatment, feeling the best he has in weeks. He had blood work done and we headed upstairs to talk to his doctors, where they normally talk to us for a few minutes and order the drugs, based on his exact height, weight, and levels. This time around they told us that Chris’ liver levels were very high, so instead of a fun weekend with his best friends after an immuno dose, he’d skip the treatment and be admitted to the hospital so they could monitor his levels very closely.

Chris’ oncologist must have some friends around the office, because as soon as he said “change of plans,” they had him in for a CT Scan and liver biopsy within 3 hours, and we were settled up in his room on the 16th floor by that evening.For the second time this week, we saw that the tumors in his body, like in his brain, are shrinking 20-30%!

His enzyme levels have been dropping quickly since they started him on the steroids; they switched him to the oral medication yesterday, and this morning the doctors gave us the green light. As soon as we have the paperwork, we’ll be headed home!

Everyone’s spirits have been high since we’ve been here, aside from the fact that I’ve lost 7 straight games of Rummy. A few nights streaming DMB shows from Mexico and a very sweet roommate helped us pass the time quickly.

Though this was a very unexpected change of plans, we’re happy to see all of the positive responses on the scans this week. He’ll stay on the steroids for a few weeks now, with twice a week bloodwork to check levels, and will resume the single dose of immuno (he was on the double for the first two treatments) after they remain at normal levels once off the steroid for a bit.

See ya soon, Tewksbury!

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