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Home sweet home

Very quick update to share the good news that we are home and sleeping in our own bed tonight!!

Chris had a tough day with a lot of aches and just generally feeling sick, but his doctors and nurses all felt like the best medicine would be his own bed - and of course all of the meds he’ll continue to take to help manage symptoms.

If anyone has a great app for tracking medications I’m all ears; I’m striking out trying to find a good one tonight.

Goodnight from Tewksbury!!


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Joanne Megill
Joanne Megill
22 janv. 2019

Hello TEAM FAZIO and Chris! TEAM MEGILL is rooting and prayinger hard for you Chris we love you and your family and pray for all positive results throughout your journey. Your family has always been so gracious and giving in so many ways throughout the years to our family that I just know the good Lord will be taking that into consideration and make this journey easy and successful for you! Its KARMA. Stay positive and keep being an inspiration to others going through similar struggles.

We love you and will keep you in our hearts and prayers every day until this is over for you.


Terry and I are happy to hear you are home and resting in your own bed. We want you to know we are cheering for you from Syracuse. Keep doing those laps!

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