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Home Sweet Home

Writing this post tonight from bed! Our bed! At our house!

Chris continued to improve quickly throughout Wednesday, so much so that they moved us out of ICU that night and were writing discharge paperwork by 9:00 this morning.

The neuro team is so happy with his progress, letting us know that the soreness he’s feeling is very normal and may continue like this for another day or so, with the potential for spurts of pain that may be present for another 6-8 weeks, though every patient responds differently to brain surgery.

He‘ll keep his head wrapped and stitches in until the follow-up appointment late next week and will start to taper him off the steroids tomorrow, as they can counteract the effectiveness of immunotherapy, so he’s on a very low dose already.

We‘re still awaiting the results of the pathology and once we know a bit more, will be able to determine next steps in treatment.

So for now, we’ll be eating matzah ball soup (a slightly delayed Rosh Hashanah), watching movies, snuggling with the dogs, and getting lots of rest!



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