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Let’s do this 💪

After a Cuse Bowl win and the departure of Gase from Miami, we celebrated with a great first day of immunotherapy!

We got the results of Friday’s MRI, which confirmed what Chris already knew, that the tumors are continuing to grow. His headaches and vision have gotten worse over the past two weeks, so we were anticipating that news. We’ll meet with the radiology oncologist later this week to discuss a game plan for radiation so we can be sure the tumors in his cerebellum stop growing and up the pain meds in the meantime to help with headaches.

He received two drugs today, along with a long list of potential side effects, so we’ll be keeping a close eye on everything - and I’ll be calling the docs every time he so much as hiccups... sorry not sorry!

The nurses at Dana-Farber were wonderful - I’m sure they’re already counting down the days until his next treatment in 3 weeks to hear more DMB and watch me beat him at Mario Party again.

Thank you all for the kind words, PMA, and support - looking forward to a bright and healthy 2019!

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