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Radiation Day 1: ✅

It’s been a rough couple days back at home. Chris has been pretty out of it since the day after surgery, just generally very uncomfortable, and a little loopy with a cycle of pain medications, anti-nauseas, diuretics, and muscle relaxers. Consistent sleep has been tough with the schedule of meds, headaches, and discomfort, so his doctors decided to put him back on the steroid last night and he did a total 180. Within the hour, he was watching tv and holding conversations with my mom and me.

Today, however, was a great first day of radiation. The procedure itself was quick - about 15 minutes - though we somehow always find ourselves spending a full day at Brigham/Dana-Farber. We met with his neurosurgeon again today who is so happy with his progress and both she and his radiation oncologist said today how pleasantly surprised they both are with the drastic improvement to his vision as a result of the surgery. His radiation oncologist even told us he’d never seen a patient with such a huge change in vision like this. Really awesome to hear!

Chris’ appetite is starting to come back; he had some mashed potatoes last night and a turkey sandwich for lunch today! We’ve gotten some sweet treats in the mail (thank you all!!) that he’s finally enjoyed today! :)

We’re back tomorrow for an ophthalmologist appointment and another radiation session; he’ll continue with radiation all of next week and then head in for his second immunotherapy treatment on the 22nd.

Thanks as always for all the texts and messages the past few days, I so appreciate everyone checking in on us and sending the positive vibes. xoxo


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