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Time to get back on track Friday!

Hey Everyone, the past couple weeks have been loaded with house projects, errands, traveling and getting stuff done! The steroid that the doctors had me on gave me A LOT of energy, a large appetite, and a drive to get stuff done. We have done tons of house projects that were put on the back burner over the past couple of months. It feels great to be productive. Shout out to my parents who came and kept me company (and indulged in all the finest restaurants of Tewksbury) while Andrea was in Los Angeles for work. We got A LOT done! It was also great to see Jeff Teplitsky during his long layover.

Every three days I have been getting blood work done, where they are monitoring my levels so that I can get back to my third round of immunotherapy. As of last Friday, my levels are back to normal and we are starting to slowly get off the steroid. My energy is lower, some symptoms are coming back but I am so ready to get back to treatment. Friday we will be at Dana Farber for our third round of immuno, and will be able to relax over the weekend. I plan to hopefully not lose my whole appetite and enjoy some college basketball. Thanks to everyone who has been checking in!




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15 mar 2019

Good luck with your next round Chris!! You got this! Lots of love from Florida. ❤️

Me gusta

Chris it is so good to read your message & hear your voice. Your determination and attitude to win this battle shout out loud and clear. You are admired by many who continue to fight with you in the only way we know how - through prayer. I'm so happy your mom & dad were able to spoil you a little with some good food, and of course their company is the best. Terry & I spent several years calling Framingham our home, loving it there, often returning to visit with some of the best friends we made. Teddy was actually born in Waltham Weston Hospital. We are happy you are enjoying Tewksbury and have the best doctors looking ou…

Me gusta

14 mar 2019

It was a great week in Tewksbury. We enjoyed helping you with your projects and seeing the gratification it gave you to complete the tasks, made us feel so happy. It was fun and not a chore! We also enjoyed getting to know the area you now call home. (Never forget your first home however!!) It is uplifting to see you feeling so comfortable in the area. You fit right in. Your focus and determination to do all that your team of Doctors has been instructing you to do is inspirational to us. You have hurdled every bump and your continued PMA to move forward is undeniable. You have used these few weeks wisely and productively. You ar…

Me gusta
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