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Today’s Biggest Problem Was Traffic 👌

It’s been a while; apologies for the lack of updates from Team Faz... but it’s a great problem to have when there just aren’t updates to give!

We just returned home from Dana-Farber after a quick and uneventful day of treatment. It’s another good problem to have when today’s issues were traffic and long waits. Other than that, truly nothing to report!

Chris has been very busy the past few weeks with energy levels and appetite back to normal! He’s been outside any day it’s not raining (and sometimes even when it is), getting our lawn, deck, and landscaping looking clean, green and healthy - just like him 😜. He’s painted and put up a barn door and hung art... and is finally back to work as of Monday so he can spend some of that energy with the kids before they’re out for the summer. It sounds like the students and staff are incredibly happy to have Mr. Fazio back in the classroom, even if for these few weeks left in the school year.

Treatments have continued every 4 weeks and his next scans will be in 2 weeks. We’ve also had a few follow ups recently with his ENT/surgeon and neuro-ophthalmologist, and they couldn’t be happier to see the progress he’s made since we saw them last.

As always, thank you for everyone who continues to reach out, check in on us, and send goodies and cards. It means so much to us to know that all of you on Team Faz are in it with us through these good times and bad. We’re looking forward to some good times to come with a few Dave shows, some family time, and a relaxing summer!


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