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Today was a good day

The team at dinner at City Tap

We had a few great meetings at Dana Farber today. The radiation oncologist and medical oncologist have an approach to treatment that they feel will be very successful.

We are still awaiting the final results of the pathology, but the doctors all believe that he has a type of melanoma - likely mucosal melanoma. When we have the finalized results, we'll be able to confirm the treatment, but as of today, he'll likely start on an immunotherapy next Friday.

They want to start him on a dual treatment with 2 different drugs to start; he'd receive a dose every 3 weeks for 4 rounds, and then pull back to one drug monthly after that. It's an indefinite timeline, but they've seen a lot of success with treating melanoma in this way recently. It's amazing all of the advances they've made in medical technologies in recent years.

We'll meet with the team at Tufts tomorrow to hear what approach their team would recommend and will create a gameplan from there.

Everyone is glad to hear the positive news and approach from today's meetings and we are all ready to KICK CANCER'S ASS!


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