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Go Orange!

This past weekend went a bit different than I expected! I've been bumming the past month thinking I wouldn't be able to make it to Syracuse for the Duke game, but last Thursday that all changed...

On Thursday morning I had a 6 week post-operation appointment with my ENT Surgeon, who assured me my most recent side-effects -- stuffiness, runny nose, congestion -- were all completed expected for this period after surgery, especially having received radiation to that same site. She took out some of the packing, Andrea almost threw up, and we headed home! I have had blood-work taken every few days to continue monitoring my liver enzyme levels since coming home from the hospital, and the steroids are continuing to drop them significantly! After getting the good news from both, Andrea gave the green light for Joe to call and tell me about the game :)

Joe called me that night to tell me a group of fine gentlemen had been so generous to get tickets for the two of us to cheer on the Orange. Their thoughtfulness allowed us some fun time away from the craziness of the past two months, and Chelsey and Andrea got to spend some long-awaited time with Chelsey's new niece. My brother and sister-in-law have spent almost as much time in the hospital as Andrea and me -- they have brought food and drinks, played cards, made friends with my hospital roommates, and have just sat in a stuffy waiting room for hours with us not knowing what would be the next floor we landed. Although I was the one surprised, we were all grateful for a quick trip to Syracuse for some fun and relaxation.

I am not as good as Andrea (obviously) when it comes to writing these posts, but I just wanted the opportunity to say thank you to everyone who made last weekend so great. I wish I could have seen everyone, but I assure you the next trip back will be planned in advance to squeeze in as many friends and family as I can! 

The last quick update is that my liver levels are almost back to normal as of this morning! My doctors are tapering my steroids down as quickly as possible so that I can get back on track with my 3rd dose of immunotherapy.

Hope everyone has an amazing rest of their week. 

Don't Burn the Day! #FazStrong



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