2021 Updates!

Hello everyone! I just looked at our last post on here and it has been just over A YEAR since we last had an update! Apologies for our drop in updates... we've been a little busy over here with the newest member of Team Faz who made her appearance on February 11th... Meet Eleanor Bea! Miss Ellie is 6.5 months old, 18 pounds, and 29 inches of pure joy right now! She is rolling all over the place (we'll be spending our weekend babyproofing), getting so close to sitting on her o

Bring it on, 2020 💪

Happy New Year! 2019 is finally over and we are excited to jump headfirst into 2020. Here's a brief recap (as brief as I can be, I just realized a lot has happened!) of the past few weeks since we last updated the blog – the time has flown by! Just a few weeks after Chris' surgery, I had a minor surgery, as well, to remove polyps in my uterus. It was a simple, quick, and successful procedure, and aside from some rest after anesthesia, we were both back on our feet post-op in

Recovery Day 1

Our patient is once again kicking ass! Surgery went very well. His neurosurgeon came to speak with us late last night as they finished and let us know that they found both tumor cells and radiation necrosis, making us feel glad to have done the surgery. They’re sending the tumor out to pathology to see what percentage is made up of tumor cells so that we can determine if his treatments need to change at all moving forward. Less than 12 hours post-op, he’s already walked a lap

No time like the present

Reposting Chris’ words here - more updates to come post-op and throughout the week. Friday gave lots of positive results; 100% clean in my body and sinus tumors are all gone. However my larger tumor in my cerebellum is inflamed; most likely because of Radiation Necrosis (dead tumor cells lighting up 9-12 months after radiation) or it could be new growth (unlikely). Eventually if I want to be 100% cancer/tumor free we would have to remove the last remaining cerebellum tumor th


This is the beginning of a great post... That is the auto-populated text on this app when I open a new blog entry. When I just opened the app to write this post, I saw it and I thought I’d keep it just like that to kick us off :) Yesterday marked Chris’ 4th round of immunotherapy! Prior to treatment, he was due for a few scans to check on his progress, so we started our day early with blood work, an MRI, and a PET scan. After the results of those tests came in, we sat down wi

Back by popular demand... the shirts!

It's been a nice few weeks for us - we had Chris' friends from Syracuse and college friends here to visit back-to-back weekends, and the #FazStrong shirts were heavily featured. Energy and PMA have been high with all of our visitors in town! On Friday we'll be at Dana-Farber for a few scans, appointments, and his 4th round of immunotherapy. We'll check in with an update on progress after that... In the meantime... the shirts are back up for sale! Click HERE to visit the Graph

Go Orange!

This past weekend went a bit different than I expected! I've been bumming the past month thinking I wouldn't be able to make it to Syracuse for the Duke game, but last Thursday that all changed... On Thursday morning I had a 6 week post-operation appointment with my ENT Surgeon, who assured me my most recent side-effects -- stuffiness, runny nose, congestion -- were all completed expected for this period after surgery, especially having received radiation to that same site. S

Just another snowy day in Tewksbury

A quick update after our first ever quick trip to Dana-Farber/BWH this morning! Chris has had some blurrier vision over the last week so we went in for an MRI this morning. It's hard to tell exactly what the cause is for the change; over the last 6 weeks he's had surgery, 2 rounds of immunotherapy, and 6 days of radiation to the brain, so it may be any of those creating swelling of the optic nerve. His team of doctors is going to discuss potential treatments together and may

Radiation is dunzo 🙌

Happy Saturday from today’s Team Faz! Seeing everyone in their shirts all week has been incredible; such a boost of positivity to finish out the 6 days of radiation on Thursday. Chris was able to take home his mask and ring the gong on our way out. I’ll post photos of him looking like Hannibal Lecter when we come up with a good way to destroy it! Chris is on Day 1 without steroids, getting his body ready for his next round of immunotherapy on Tuesday. Headaches have been a bi

Team R&R

We are all about the rest today. No big updates to share - which is good news - but figured I’d send a few things since Chris is asleep so early. His vision has remained the same since surgery; it’s blowing my mind how much he’s able to see now as compared to the terrible vision he’s had for the past 2 months. We met with the radiation oncologist yesterday, who did a mapping of his brain in preparation for his first treatment next week. They’ll likely do a low dose of radiati

New year, new adventures

Let me start off this post by saying that Chris is doing extremely well this morning! A lot of what is below sounds, and was, really scary, but today is a good day already. After Monday’s immunotherapy treatment Chris was very fatigued. He slept on and off throughout the night and woke up New Year’s Day with some nausea, vomiting, and chills after taking some meds to help with the worsening headache pain. His oncologist recommended we call him with any side effects that he en