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Thank you all for checking in on us the last few weeks! We’ve been home relaxing and Chris is healing up quick.

With turban off and stitches out last week, we met with his neurosurgeon and radiation oncologist to discuss next steps. The pathology came back to show that there was no new tumor growth and the portion removed was radiation necrosis. Big news!

He still has some soreness in his neck, but is feeling otherwise ok. He won‘t be receiving any further radiation, and all of the doctors expressed their relief for having done the surgery so quickly, with the potential for a number of effects that could have come up had we not taken care of it quickly.

We’re getting lots of rest and enjoying the fall weather and our fireplace again, and snuggling with the dogs. Chris’ next immuno treatment will be on Wednesday.

Thank you, as always, to our families, friends, and coworkers, for your generosity and support, and especially my mom for staying and taking care of us both. And to Lisa and Bob for the great Cuse gear! 🍊

We’ll check in again soon! #TeamFaz

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Paul Jhonnson
Paul Jhonnson
May 23, 2023

I want to compliment you on the update you shared about Chris's healing progress. It's evident that you have been through a challenging time, and your positive attitude and gratitude shine through your words. It's wonderful to hear that Chris is healing well and that there was no new tumor growth.

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