Thank you all for checking in on us the last few weeks! We’ve been home relaxing and Chris is healing up quick. With turban off and stitches out last week, we met with his neurosurgeon and radiation oncologist to discuss next steps. The pathology came back to show that there was no new tumor growth and the portion removed was radiation necrosis. Big news! He still has some soreness in his neck, but is feeling otherwise ok. He won‘t be receiving any further radiation, and all

No time like the present

Reposting Chris’ words here - more updates to come post-op and throughout the week. Friday gave lots of positive results; 100% clean in my body and sinus tumors are all gone. However my larger tumor in my cerebellum is inflamed; most likely because of Radiation Necrosis (dead tumor cells lighting up 9-12 months after radiation) or it could be new growth (unlikely). Eventually if I want to be 100% cancer/tumor free we would have to remove the last remaining cerebellum tumor th

tough cookie

Had a good day at Tufts today meeting with a few different oncologists. They all agreed with the approach we heard yesterday at Dana-Farber, so we're going to plan for an MRI mid-week and a start to immunotherapy next Friday, 12/28. We're hoping for an early appointment that day so we can get back home to cheer on the Cuse in the Camping World Bowl #GoOrange #priorities No big updates from the team other than to say thank you all for your words of encouragement and support on