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Just another snowy day in Tewksbury

A quick update after our first ever quick trip to Dana-Farber/BWH this morning!

Chris has had some blurrier vision over the last week so we went in for an MRI this morning. It's hard to tell exactly what the cause is for the change; over the last 6 weeks he's had surgery, 2 rounds of immunotherapy, and 6 days of radiation to the brain, so it may be any of those creating swelling of the optic nerve. His team of doctors is going to discuss potential treatments together and may try to put him on a low dose of steroids to intervene, but we'll wait to see what they say. His next immuno round is Friday so we should know quickly our next steps.

The great news looking at the MRIs with his radiation oncologist was the change in tumor sizes; all of the tumors in his brain have already responded to the radiation and it's only been a few weeks! They feel confident that they will continue to see a positive response over the coming months, as both radiation and immunotherapy can take some time to see the effects.

Aside from some hair loss from the radiation and continuing fatigue, Chris is feeling good. We've got lots of wood for our fireplace and a stocked pantry in case this storm keeps us inside for a day or two -- looking forward to it, even :)

Thanks for the continued support for Team Faz -- seeing everyone's #FazStrong posts, having friends and family show up to the house wearing their shirts, and receiving so many incredibly kind and generous packages, donations, dinners, and goodies is truly overwhelming. We are so lucky that you have all joined Team Faz for the long haul. Couldn't do it without you. <3


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