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Radiation is dunzo 🙌

Happy Saturday from today’s Team Faz!

Seeing everyone in their shirts all week has been incredible; such a boost of positivity to finish out the 6 days of radiation on Thursday. Chris was able to take home his mask and ring the gong on our way out. I’ll post photos of him looking like Hannibal Lecter when we come up with a good way to destroy it!

Chris is on Day 1 without steroids, getting his body ready for his next round of immunotherapy on Tuesday. Headaches have been a bit worse today but still manageable.

We’ll be here relaxing this weekend with Doc Faz in town, watching some football tomorrow, getting a few naps in, and looking for some new shows to start next week — let us know if you have any recommendations!

We are so grateful for the continued support. We’re staying #FazStrong and love seeing how everyone on Team Faz is, too.

PS Click on the SUPPORT tab if you would like to order your #FazStrong shirts. Thank you again to Tim & the Graph Tex team - they are doing another round for us and the store will be open until January 31!

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Jan 23, 2019

In response to requests on shows, how about “It had to be you” on Netflix ?

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