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Recovery Day 1

Our patient is once again kicking ass!

Surgery went very well. His neurosurgeon came to speak with us late last night as they finished and let us know that they found both tumor cells and radiation necrosis, making us feel glad to have done the surgery. They’re sending the tumor out to pathology to see what percentage is made up of tumor cells so that we can determine if his treatments need to change at all moving forward.

Less than 12 hours post-op, he’s already walked a lap around the floor, ate breakfast, and had an MRI. You don’t get much sleep in ICU with doctors and nurses in and out at least every hour for tests and meds, but he’s been able to get some rest this morning. He’s got some good pain meds to help with the head and neck soreness - the incision is up the back of his head - and a very low dose of steroids to help with swelling.

If he can do a few more laps today in ICU, we should move down to the neuro floor this afternoon, and could be heading home as early as tomorrow. Recovery in the past has been much easier at home so fingers crossed - sleeping and relaxing is much more feasible without the noise of the hospital floor, roommate craziness - we always end up with a gem, and interrupted sleep every hour for vitals or neuro tests or bloodwork.

We so appreciate all of the texts and messages of support. I’ll do my best to get another update out today with more news, I know everyone is just as antsy as us to figure out what’s next for Team Faz!

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#FAZSTRONG !! You’ve got this!! 🧡🧡🧡

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