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Team R&R

We are all about the rest today. No big updates to share - which is good news - but figured I’d send a few things since Chris is asleep so early.

His vision has remained the same since surgery; it’s blowing my mind how much he’s able to see now as compared to the terrible vision he’s had for the past 2 months.

We met with the radiation oncologist yesterday, who did a mapping of his brain in preparation for his first treatment next week. They’ll likely do a low dose of radiation for all 3 brain lesions, and given that the lesion behind his eye is reduced so much in size from the surgery, the potential is there for radiation to do its job.

He did 3 walks around the floor today and a flight of 10 stairs with the PTs during one of them! This was my highlight of the day - walking out of our room and around the circle of the floor with our family cheering him on at every turn. He’ll laugh about that in a few days when he realizes how funny it is to have a group of 8 people walking behind you in a circle around the floor 🧡 For today though, it was a big boost of energy to help him do 2 laps on his last walk! I told him later they had waited all day just to see him do that and he thought that was awesome.

Chris is still having some headaches but has been getting some meds to help with the pain; we’re hoping he sleeps some of that off tonight.

As long as he continues improving and pain is manageable, we’ll be heading home as early as tomorrow! We are both looking forward to snuggles with Coach & Stewie, a little Netflix, and a lot of sleeping in our own bed!


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